March 11th Protest Demands

By The Classical Chronicle

March 13, 2022

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1. We demand that Governor McKee condem Governor Desantis for passing the don’t say gay bill in Florida, and that he condem Governor Abbot in texas and Governor Little in Idaho for passing bills that restrict the ability of trans youth to transition

2. We demand that Governor McKee pledge not to sign any bill that crosses his desk that would inhibit the ability of any trans person to participate in sports, to be referred to by their chosen name and pronouns, or to otherwise exist in the world as the gender that they are.

3. We demand that Governor McKee create programs to give funds to trans, specifically transmisogyny affected, folks such that we can live safely without having to resort dangerous means to survive

4. And finally, we demand that Mayor Elorza defund the Providence Police department and remove school resource officers from schools

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