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Teen Suicide Prevention


Lillian Musgrave

March 8, 2023

Many teenagers have battled thoughts of suicide. The numbers do not lie. 26.9% of teens have at least one form of mental, emotional, or behavioral struggles. 36.7% of high school students have reported feeling immense amounts of sadness and hopelessness in the past year; 18.8% of them contemplating taking their own life. 8.9% of those students attempted. The second leading cause of death among teens and adults aged ten to thirty four is in fact suicide, and the pandemic has not aided this in any way. According to the Jed Foundation, between the years of 2019 and 2020, there was an increase in emergency room visits due to mental health crises by 30.7%. The statistics in teen suicidal ideations and actions are disheartening, however that does not mean we should sweep those struggles under the rug just because they are uncomfortable. Anyone can be affected by suicidal ideations, but there...

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