Optimism From Others: Guzman's Top Positive Social Media Accounts

By Rafael Guzman (photo Promise Adeliyi)

November 6, 2021

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Social media plays a big part in teenagers’ lives and time. While it’s common to hear complaints about how unproductive it is, social media is full of many great resources that can help and guide teenagers. As you’re in your bed scrolling through Tiktok and Instagram and relating to relatable tweets from Twitter, it can be great to have some great resources and inspirations. Even an Instagram account can be used to educate us for school and guide us toward better mental health. The following Instagram accounts are my favorite sources of positive educational and mental health related content.

This is a very helpful education account. Although it is relatively new, with a mere 14 posts, this account still gives out essential and inspirational information that can inspire students to strive and work harder. One of their more viral posts, currently boasting 286 likes, is a little animation picture about how you may never succeed in your first try, “but you can’t make your 50th without making your 1st. So, get it over with and f—ing make it happen.”

In contrast, this educational account has over 105k followers. It’s very helpful for math and can help students strive at their math skills, because I know how hard and annoying math can be sometimes. This account also sometimes honors people who made a big impact with math or to math. One of their more recent posts talks about the mean value theorem.

This educational account on Instagram is a project centered around history. The Thai account provides well researched history facts and lessons focussed on the history of people. One of their posts talks about Ethiopia and its fight against fascism.

@selfloveblossom This Instagram account with over 450 thousand followers talks about mental health. With its frequent posts with quotes and positive messaging, it can inspire teenagers and possibly make someone’s day. The appropriately chosen name gives off “kind” vibes, fitting the purpose of the account. One of my personal favorite posts from them includes a quote stating “Sometimes you don’t get what you want because you deserve better.”

Last, but definitely not least, is this account on Instagram that is a mixture of education and mental health. This probably has to be my favorite out of all the suggestions. This account talks about things like “toxic positivity” and “benefits of meditation,” which we as teenagers may not know much about. This account is very inspirational and informational. It’s also very followed, with 960 thousand followers. They post informational posts everyday which can include daily affirmations or a mental health education. One of their posts talks about things to say to someone that is struggling, whether it’s personal or school related.

Many parents and teachers may think that social media applications like Instagram aren’t helpful to a student’s everyday life, but apps like this can help, guide, and inspire today’s generation to move forward.

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