Classical Chronicle and Purple Post Merge

By The Classical Chronicle

August 20, 2021

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The Classical Chronicle will be merging with Classical’s school newspaper, The Purple Post, to create one united independent newspaper in the coming school year: The Classical Chronicle.

The Purple Post’s leadership shares our commitment to ethical journalism, and so we are eager and excited to merge with them in the coming school year. There are many elements of The Purple Post that we admire and intend to keep in the new paper, including their sports coverage and club directory. You can expect aspects of both newspapers in the new Classical Chronicle.

The Chronicle started as and will continue to be a newspaper of the students, not their administration.

The new Classical Chronicle will still be an independent paper. It will still be student led. It will still be uncensored. It will still have the same bylaws.

Over the next two weeks we will be switching over to The Post’s Instagram page and updating our website. We recommend you follow @classicalchronicle on Instagram where we will be posting about our latest articles from now on.

We appreciate your patience as we update our website and social media accounts in the next couple of weeks. You can expect regular article uploads to start up again before the beginning of the school year.

We look forward to providing the Classical community with more high quality and honest journalism in the new school year. Stay tuned!

Interested in writing for the new Classical Chronicle? We will most likely be hosting an in-person club this year after school! More information will come at the beginning of the school year, but please reach out to us on Instagram via @classicalchronicle to tell us to keep you updated. New contributors are always welcome!

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