Where the Spirit Begins

By Zazie Patch

October 11, 2021

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Spirit Week, an exciting Classical tradition, has finally arrived this week! It’s a time to have fun, dress up, and show your school spirit. You’ll get to know your peers better and make some unforgettable memories. As Senior Class Senator Milly Asherov says, “Spirit week is really fun when everyone joins in and participates! It’s especially great when everyone finds their place and gets comfortable in it.”

The schedule for spirit week is as follows: Tuesday 10/11: Decades Day Wednesday 10/12: Pajama Day Thursday 10/13: Character Day Friday 10/14: Toga Day (Purple Day for underclassmen) Tuesday 10/19: Class Colors Day

Thanks to the Senior Student Government, which organized this week, there are lots of fun days that you can take part in. Some of the themes are Decades and Character Day. For Decades Day, you can choose any decade and wear a trend from back then, or a staple piece that everyone had! You could wear flared or low-rise pants, bright colors, chunky jewelry, or something shiny. For Character Day, you could be anyone! Your favorite movie character, someone from a video game or a person from a book. You could dress up as Black Panther, Hermione Granger, or Naruto.

Color Day and Purple Day, or Toga Day for seniors, are the best days to show school spirit. On Color Day, each class wears a specific color, meaning that you’ll be able to recognize who is in your grade. The colors corresponding to each grade are green for freshmen, pink for sophomores, white for juniors, and black for seniors. On Toga Day, all underclassmen wear purple. But Toga Day is a particularly important day for seniors, because it is a celebration of how much they’ve progressed, all the way from freshman to senior year. They proudly get to wear a toga to show off this accomplishment.

This year’s spirit week is going to be exciting because the whole student body is on campus, so it will be meaningful to see everyone participate. This week will be one of many memorable Classical experiences.

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