Student Apology

By Classical Chronicle

October 11, 2021

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hi. regarding this video, i completely understand why many of u are upset/hurt. i was very thoughtless to leave my mouth open during that word and act like it wasn’t there. on my spam account i just post things without thinking and didn’t even watch the video back. i would never and have never said or mouthed the n word. most of u don’t know me so i understand if you don’t believe me. this is not an excuse, i know this video was thoughtless, this is just the only honest explanation i can give. i can promise i will be much more aware of my actions in the future. i am so so sorry to the people who have been hurt and i will do everything i can to show u guys that this is not me and i have learned the lesson to be more careful with what i post. as soon as i became aware of what it looked like, the video was taken down and i was very upset with myself for making that stupid mistake. again, i’m very sorry to the black community and anyone else who this has impacted negatively.

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