Surveys for AP Psychology Students

By Simon Carr

October 7, 2021

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Are you a current Classical student? Do you feel like answering questions about yourself? Supporting your community? Clicking on links?

Good news for you! Students in AP Psychology are doing surveys! Each survey is supposed to get at least 100 respondents, and the project is due on October 15th. You must use a Providence Schools account to fill out the survey.

Happy answering!

Survey links (please fill out as many as possible):

Added 10/8

Correlation Survey: Psychology Project

Correlative Survey

How Does Sleep Relate to Your Stress?

The Correlation Between Screen Time and Homework

Correlation relationship survey

Student Survey

Added 10/7

Effects of Screentime

Psych Project

Psychology Correlational Study

How Do Jobs Affect School Performance?

Does the distance you live from school affect your attendance?

Workload vs. Hours of sleep

We will continue updating this list as more surveys come out! Please reach out to us via Instagram @classicalchronicle or speak to Simon Carr in person to have your survey link featured.

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